Since 1978, Yun Liang has designed, developed and manufactured quality chair for markets across the globe. Yun Liang has enjoyed considerable growth since its humble beginnings. A winning combination of quality products that meet customer specification requirements and affordable propositions are backbone of Yun Liang’s success.

More than 90%of all the chair parts used in our end products are manufactured internally. This includes most the mechanisms, backrest, steel are brackets, nylon bases, seat and back shells, foma, injection and so much more.

In an ongoing effort to serve our clients with services that they truly need and want, we offer valuable Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) solutions.

With its experience in designing, developing and manufacturing popular commercial office chair, Yun Liang has launched its own Office Chair manufacturing brand, ‘ingica’. The purpose of this restructuring is to close the gap between what our company can provide and what our clients need, to better understand what marketing challenges our customers face and to develop new innovative, ergonomic and trend-setting office chair to set our Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) services apart from the others.

Ingica is a symbol of office chair manufacturing excellence.